You’d Be Able to Eat and Rest Well Even on a 19-Hour Flight

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is now collaborating with American firm Canyon Ranch to devise a wellness programme for passengers onboard its Singapore-Newark service which starts on 11th October. The 19-hour flight will be the world’s longest flight and the new collaboration features exercise videos for its passengers and flexible meal times so that people can eat whenever they want to.

Canyon Ranch has been in the business for approximately 40 years and has a team of expert doctors, nutritionists and sleep experts. Canyon Ranch’s chief executive Susan E. Docherty is confident that the firm has a guaranteed plan for SIA passengers to look and feel great after arriving at their destination via the 19-hour long haul flight. The programme will focus on wellness cuisines, rest and relaxation and general well-being. The wellness programme will also subsequently be extended to several other Singapore-United States non-stop services such as to Los Angeles and San Francisco after the Singapore-Newark launch.

The programme emphasises on the quality of ingredients used for meals while at the same time considering how consumption impacts the human body. In an attempt to keep the food ‘clean’ and fresh, the firm will not be opting for sweeteners or additives and preservatives. Instead, the firm will be going for whole grains and proteins that has been sustainably caught, keeping their food hormones and antibiotics free. In addition, salt and sugar will be reduced and bold spices such as turmeric and fennel will be used to add flavour and also offer anti-inflammatory and digestion benefits.

Passengers will be served three meals on the flight, complete with snacks in between. Business class travellers will be able to choose their meal times while in premium economy class, meals will be served slightly after take-off, a few hours into the flight and before landing. There would also be hot refreshment service available on demand and passengers can ask to be served at different times.

In bid to encourage passengers to move around, exercise videos will be added into the in-flight entertainment system.

To ensure that passengers are able to get a comfortable rest, orange, yellow and red lights (that have been proven to help people doze off) will flood the cabins. Business class passengers can opt for mattress toppers to make their beds more comfortable and choose between two pillows, a firm and a soft one, based on their individual preference. Eye shades have been improved on in the premium economy class to make it more comfortable for passengers.

SIA is amongst one of the many airlines that are moving towards ensuring the well-being of passengers on long-haul flights and frequent long-haul travellers can now travel without compromising their rest and comfort.

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