You Can Now Sell Books in Maldives

If you’re an avid reader and would love to bury your head in a vast collection of books everyday, there might be a dream job just for you. Take a break from the cluttered, fast-paced and hectic and urban life, and jet of to Maldives to enjoy the glistening blue seas and get your daily dose of Vitamin D from the natural sun. Applications are now open to become a bookseller in a luxury resort located in the Maldives.

Apply for the position of ‘barefoot bookseller’, where you would find yourself working in a pop-up bookshop in Soneva Fushi, a five-star luxury resort in Baa Atoll, which is a UNESCO listed World Biosphere Reserve. Despite being being a small pop-up bookstore, there will be a fine selection of books that has been designed to appeal to the rich and well-educated clientele of the resort. You can expect to find yourselves dealing with books revolving around art, design, food and style.

Apart from that, a selection of books in the bookstore would be dedicated to providing readers with a background on the surroundings, such as books on the Indian ocean, marine life, history of Maldives and its natural environment. The bookstore aims to help travellers rediscover their love for reading, something that most people catch up on during their holidays.

The successful candidate would also find himself or herself an opportunity to conduct creative writing workshops for adults and holding storytelling sessions for children. Plus, you’ll also be expected to write a blog to share your life as a desert island bookseller.

The job is offered in partnership with Ultimate Library, a company that focuses on building personalised book collections for hotels, resorts and private homes around the world. Ultimate LIbrary is known for choosing titles that reflect the local neighbourhood of their client.

Although there are no firm details on the job as of now, they will soon be listed on the Ultimate Library Site. The successful applicant will be expected to commit to the role for at least three months. If you’re interested, you can send your CV and a sample of your writing to Ultimate Library to get started.

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