Visit the active Cumbre Vieja at La Palma


In the island of La Palma, lies the active yet dormant volcano ‘Cumbre Vieja’. With no recent eruptions in the past decade, Cumbre Vieja still poses a risk to the western half of the island and the neighbouring coasts of the eastern seaboard of the America’s. Despite the danger’s the volcano holds, this should not stop you from visiting the forever spring island of La Palma

Other than being home of an active volcano, La Palma’s mountains are beautifully decorated by lush greeneries and wildflowers that turn the island into sub-tropical paradise during the springtime. Hence being dubbed as “La Isla Bonita”—The Pretty Island.

La Palma may sound like the ideal island for sun-lounging or for an island getaway, but the island is far from that. Only having one small resort and a row of bars and restaurants, this island is more ideal for hikers. The numerous peaks and the rocky terrains of the mountains is the perfect challenge for mountaineers.

For those who wish to take it easy on their joints and bones, driving around the base terrains of the island may be your cup of tea. It may not be as thrilling as climbing up a 1,949-meter mountain but driving off-road style in the rocky roads of The Pretty Island maybe as satisfying as the latter.

Quick tip before you pack your bags and head on to the island for a hike, check out the summits before you set off. Clouds may blanket the peaks of the mountains, which may cause a bit of a risk for hikers. Just stand back and study the summit for a solid minute, you can do this anywhere in the base of the mountain!

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