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Travel Warning To France

The state of emergency in France has now been extended to July 15th 2017. Under the state of emergency act, enhanced security measures are in place such as, tougher border controls, restrictions on the movement of people and motor vehicles, closures of public places if necessary, and increased police surveillance…

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US Tourism – The Trump Slump

Donald Trump’s travel ban on 6 Muslim majority countries has already negatively affected tourism  to America, with  estimates as high as -6.8% just in the last month. Flight booking searches for the US  fell -17% between Jan. 26 and Feb. 1.  Due to the lack of travel and interest in…

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Budget Airline Alliance

With the growing number of airline alliances around the world, it’s only natural that budget (LCC) carriers will form their own to take advantage of a wider network of destinations and bigger fleet. The first LCC alliance, U-Fly, will have 10 members by year-end, and it looks to expand beyond…

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Hotel Glut

Phnom Penh’s Luxury Hotels In a bid to increase high-end tourism, a swathe of luxury hotels are in the pipeline in Phnom Penh, including two 5-star properties – offering over 1,000 rooms – slated to open this year, and three more to enter the market by 2020. However, occupancy rates…

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Travel Tips

Outdoor Photography

If you’re the type of traveller who needs images or videos to accompany every single minute of your adventure, then here are some alternative options for those who don’t want the hassle of lugging their DSLRs with the accompanying lenses. Not only do they take up space and weight, they…

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