Things to See and Eat in Mexico

Home of the famous artist Frida Kahlo, lively fiestas, spiced up dishes, teeming cities and many more, the many neighbourhoods of Mexico tell their own stories that are filled with vivid culture and history.

Street Art

The streets of Mexico is lit up by the various colours of murals of the country’s indigenous cultures and its people. These murals are not just for show, they are there to educate locals and tourists of those who suffered and still suffer from the earthquake that occurred in September 2017.

An initiative called the Jóvenes Artesanos, founded by Aida Mulato, took the talents of graffiti artists to paint murals in her neighbourhood of Roma. The project has already completed 15 murals but aim to create a total of 68, the number of the country’s indigenous population.

Dance Hall

Dancing, day and night, in Mexico is a norm but it leans more towards the senior end of the age scale. There are fewer dance hall’s now in the country but Salon Los Angeles is livelier than ever. Founded in 1937, Salon Los Angeles is the oldest Dance hall in the city. The atmosphere and visuals of the dance hall is basically time warped, with shined shoes, high heels, cocktail dresses, three-piece suits paired with an old timely fedora.

Some tourists that find their way to the dancehall often come to just watch and feel the atmosphere, but would end up dancing away by the end of their visit. Salon Los Angeles showcases swing, cha-cha, samba and many more. In a metropolitan city, it is hard to find the liveliness and spirit the Salon Los Angeles radiates.


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There are several bars or cantina’s in the city of Mexico. Each having their own theme, atmosphere and culture, you just have to choose a favourite. But nothing beats going to a classic cantina.

Seldom visited by tourists, Santa Maria La Ribera is home of the Cantina Salon Paris, a local favourite. It sits on the corner of Alameda Park with ice cold beers and a laundry list of tequilas. The surrounding is a plus too, with mariachi bands and ranchera singers passing by every now and then, serenading the customers.


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Loved by both locals and tourists, tacos are a simple delicacy that anyone would love. In Mexico, there are plenty of great tacos, it is just up to you to decide on which is your favourite. You can get tacos everywhere and anywhere in Mexico for a good price. In busy nook of San Cosme market lies El Califa de Leon, which has been running for almost 45 years.

El Califa de Leon serves only three options—steak, rib, and gaonera(thinly sliced beef). The cuts of beef is seasoned with salt and lime, stuffed into freshly made tortillas and is topped with salsa.

Historical Locations

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Mexico is filled with historical locations such as the Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de María, also known as the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. The church is one of the oldest and largest churches in the world and is built atop part of the old Aztec temple precinct. The church started its construction in 1525 and was extended over 250 years, housing the richly carved Altar of Kings and a devotional painting of the Assumtion, which the cathedral is dedicated.

A chapel contains the remains of Mexican Emperor Agustin de Iturbide and a vault with tombs of many of the city’s archbishops. Mexico has many other historical locations which includes the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, the National Palace and Paseo de la Reforma and the Angel of Independence.

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