The Endless Sunshine Town of Eastbourne

Attracting people to splash around in its beaches since the railways arrived in the mid 19th century, Eastbourne in the UK’s sunniest town. The countryside is full of endless blue skies and warm sunshine, accompanied by the colourful art scenes and eclectic energy.

Despite the town having numerous nursing homes, the younger generations are moving into the resort town to escape the crazy property prices and congestion in London and Brighton. The so-called endless summer of Eastbourne may be perfect for endless beach days for all ages but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing to do in the resort town.

Eastbourne holds the world-famous Airbourne, a 4-day international air show held every August. The show features the Battle of Britain memorial flights, aircrafts from the Royal Air Forces and United States Air Forces, Red Arrows displays and many more. The event is one of Eastbourne’s biggest events and is loved by many.

With a near-perfect weather for tennis, the resort town has also long hosted the Eastbourne International Tennis Championship, where many big names such as Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka would take part in as part of a pre-Wimbledon warm-up.

Other than these big events, Eastbourne hold several other events such as motor shows, beer festivals, Pride Parade, a Christmas market and many more. The town is investing in its tourism with redevelopments of the central shopping area and its trio of theatres which is all due by 2019. Though the constructions of these places are taking longer than expected, it sort of reflects the local ambitions and its fast-growing economy.

Image credit: The Voice of Hassocks

Of course these events and constructions are not the only attractions you can go to when in Eastbourne. Further inland lies the medieval heart of Eastbourne’s Old Town. Here you will be able to find one of the Oldest pubs in the UK. The Lamb Inn dates all the way back to 1180 and attracts people of all ages and is representative of the town — gushing with history but moving with the times.

No trip to Eastbourne is complete without stopping by Beachy Head. Britain’s highest chalk sea cliff that rises about 162 meters above sea level. With views of the South East coast from Dungeness to the Selsey Bill of the west. The bright red and white tower of Beachy Head lighthouse can also be seen from the cliffside.

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