The Blissful Island of Syros, Greece

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With almost perfect weather from June to October, affordable healthy dietary options, and the warm and friendly locals and environment that surround you, the Greek islands are wonderfully enchanting. You might have visited Tinos or Mykonos, but a less well-known destination awaits you beyond those islands.

Syros, 30 minutes away from Tinos, is a idyllic gem that is often looked past. The island is outlined with old and rustic buildings. When you arrive in Syros, you are greeted by a rusty dry dock and dilapidated cranes instead of a busy quayside with bars and taverns. It may sound like the island is too industrial but it is far from that. The rustic planes of the island is what gives it its unique charm.

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The cobbled streets of the old town of Ermoupoli, is lined with glorious neoclassical and Venetian architecture — a massive city hall, the Church of St Nicholas and two elegant towers that dominates the skylines of the island. Ermoupoli will bring you back to a world straight out of the 19th century. Below the church is the Apollo Theatre, which you can visit for a couple of euros. It is perfectly restored and is a somewhat miniature re-creation of the La Scala or Covent Garden.

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You can also spend your time in the main town and fall in love with the pace of Greece as it used to be. You can lounge in the numerous restaurants that are grouped together behind the seafront. It may be a little noisy and busy in the surroundings but the food is bound to be fresh and excellent.

You do not need to spend too much time on the island to see all of its beauty and you’d be able to do so in three to four days. You can rent out a scooter to go around one cobbled street to another. Make your way to Kini, a beach more catered to the tourists that come by the island. It is also said to be home of the best taverna on the island the Allou Yialou.

There isn’t a holiday package to Syros, you’d have to spend some time researching on how you can get on a boat to the island, which adds on to the fun. This unique and charming island is definitely worth a visit.

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