Stay in the Castle in the Sky

Why stay in hotels when you can stay in a beautiful castle that sits perfectly on a cliff? Yes, fulfilling your dreams of fairy tales, and possibly nightmares, may sound like it would create a huge dent in your wallet. But in Roccascalegna, a village in the Abruzzo region in Italy, you can stay in a castle on a budget.

The village is open for people to stay in its recently renovated medieval fortress, the Castle in the Sky. A stay in the castle would only cost of €100 per night! Domenico Giangiordano, mayor of Roccascalegna, hopes that the new initiative would drive more tourism into the area and raise local economy.

The castle is a massive fortress of 7,500sq ft, complete with a chapel, tower, gardens, countless rooms and even a dungeon. The location of the castle is also rather interesting, sitting off a cliff looking as if it was hanging from the sky, hence earning the name Castle in the Sky. So if you want to feel like a medieval royal or Renaissance legend, this can be your chance.

Despite it being a dreamy location oozing with royal feel and fairy tales, it is also a hot spot for ghost hunters. Legend has it that the castle is haunted by the headless ghost of Baron Corvo de Corvis. The man is said have had a habit of sleeping with newlywed women in the village up until he was murdered. After all, what’s a castle without their very own ghost haunting the premises?

If you do stay in this castle of dreams and nightmares, you can easily go to the picturesque town right below. A village full of fruit trees, restaurants, stone cottages and a few bed and breakfasts, perfect for a quiet getaway with a touch of enchantment.

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