Start Flying Premium with Emirates Come 2020

Starting 2020, Emirates will be launching a brand new premium economy class on its aircrafts in hopes of helping the carrier attract a larger portion of higher spending travellers.

Premium economy class would be offered as a middle ground between economy class and business class, costing more than the former but less than the latter. Introduction of the the premium economy class by Emirates would possibly increase competitive pressure on rival arines Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. The premium economy class would be available on the 20 Airbus A380s that Emirates have ordered this January, and the first six of the batch will be delivered in 2020.

According to Emirates President Tim Clark, the premium economy installed in the newly bought A380s would be an “Emirates premium economy”, and is promised to be special. Premium economy class usually includes more legroom and other benefits at a higher cost as compared to the fare of the standard economy class but is cheaper than business class and first class tickets.

The dip in oil prices have dented demand for Middle Eastern travels. This has prompted Emirates to consider adding premium economy options to its current selection since 2016 so as to attract price-sensitive corporate travellers to fly with them.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to experience what premium economy class offers, you can always book a flight with All Nippon Airways Co Ltd, Qantas Airways Ltd as well as British Airways.

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