Save the World While You’re on Vacation

It doesn’t take much for people to realise the uncomfortable truth we have been facing in recent years – severe climate change, intrusion of nature by humans as well as overtourism. Unfortunately, this threatens our earth’s wildest and most beautiful natural destinations.

It is of course never too late for us to play a part for the earth. Conscious travellers can take part in sustainable tourism activities so as to do good for the earth while still enjoying the thrills of adventure travel. With a growing trend in citizen-science expedition, travellers are able to explore some of the most extraordinary locations of the globe while simultaneously aiding researchers and local communities understand and protect the environment.

To play your part as a conscious traveller, you can get started with these options:

Saving the Peruvian Rainforest

Rainforest Expeditions is a Peru-based ecotourism company which operates Tambopata Research Center, an Amazonian retreat inclusive of meals, river transportation and a selection of field activities. Guests can help the resident scientists conduct bird censuses, collect Jaguar behavioural data with the use of night cameras as well as examine the health of the forest canopy with the air of drones in the surrounding Tambopata Nature Reserve.

Travellers can spend three-nights at the retreat starting from US$1884.

Learn about elephants in Kenya

Take part in an expedition focusing on elephants and sustainable agriculture on your next trip to Eastern Africa. Travellers would have the opportunity to study the human-animal conflict in and around the Tsavo Conservation Area located in southeastern Kenya. It is known that local farms in that area have a precarious relationship with the native elephants residing there. Travellers would be working together with farmers and conservationists to come up with methods to protect crops while at the same time minimizing the impact of agriculture on the elephant herds.

A 12-day trip with Earthwatch Institute begins from US$2,995.

Track Siberian tigers

With only approximately 530 Siberian tigers left in the world, Natural World Safaris offers a Siberian tiger tracking expedition in Far East Russia. Conversationalist Alexander Batalov would be leading small groups around the Durminskoye Reserve where you would be setting up and collecting camera traps that document the animals’ movements and interpreting the camera footage retrieved. Take the opportunity to get acquainted with the region’s snow owls, red deer and wild hogs.

Seven-day trips start from US$3,150.

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