Revealed: The Best Economy Seat of Today’s Airlines

It’s probably safe to say no one enjoy long-haul flights, but having a comfortable seat for your journey can make all the difference.

According to a ranking released by Skytrax World Airline Awards, Japan Airlines’ Sky Wider seats have topped the charts once again for best economy class offering. This would be their third time in the last four years. These Sky Wider seats have been introduced by JAL in 2013, featuring a slim design and completed with organisational features that seek to provide travellers with increased comfort.


Image credit: Aero Icarus


The seats have an average seat pitch that ranges from 33 to 34 inches depending on the aircraft. If you’re wondering what the seat pitch is, it’s the space between the back of one seat and the back of the next seat. To put things into perspective, JAL’s seats on Boeing 767-300ER have an average pitch of about 34 inches whereas Austrian Airlines’ seats on the same aircraft have 30 inches and Asiana Airlines’ seats range from 31 to 32 inches.

In addition, the airline utilises a 2-4-2 configuration on its 787 aircraft as compared to most airlines which opt for a 3-3-3 configuration. This would subsequently allow the airline to add an additional 5 cm of space on its 787 aircrafts. On top of that, the seats come with added storage space underneath, a plastic bottle holder and a 10.6-inch touch panel entertainment monitor.

When you’re on a long-haul economy flight with JAL, you’d also be entitled to two free checked bags, seasonal in-flight dining menus created in collaboration with noted chefs, a self-service snack bar on JAL’s European and North American flight routes, and bottled mineral water from the Japanese town of Tsusan.

From top in-flight cuisine, comfortable seats and high-end offerings at first class airport lounges, JAL has been listed as a five-star airline according to Skytrax.

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