Retire In One of the Most Scenic Places in the World

Retiring comfortably overseas doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can be living in an exotic city while still being able to stretch your dollars. Choosing the right spots to retire is key to stretching your retirement fund.

Living life to the fullest while still being able to maintain a budget doesn’t have to come with a headache. Some retirees opt to settle down in the Caribbean or even Italy, but one destination stands above the rest when it comes to quality and affordability—Cusco, Peru.

The city of Cusco, compared to the capital city of Lima, is much smaller but is packed with grand perks. The city is lined with domed churches and cobblestone streets, perfect for a permanent getaway for anyone who would love a quieter life that’s surrounded by historical beauty.

The city is a mix of old and new. Cusco has its fair-share of a lively lifestyle fit for everyone, the city centre has been flipped into a modern destination that still shows off its historical flare. With hip and luxurious eateries, shopping and even residential areas. With Peru being recognised as a culinary destination recently, dining in the many restaurants of the city will be an adventure itself.

Other than the modern amenities of the city grounds, Peru is also home to some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. Nature lovers can easily go camping or hiking in the nearby trails and grounds while taking in the local views. From trips to Machu Picchu to the Rainbow Mountain, both destinations can be easily reached as it is all in the Cusco region.

Retiring in Cusco, Peru is surprisingly affordable, allowing couples to retire on $1,700 a month and still live a comfortable and high quality life. International retirees can apply for a retirement visa to be able to live there.

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