Paradise turned Ghost Town: Nicaragua

Earlier this year, tourists flew all the way to the paradise of Nicaragua to surf down volcanoes, scuba dive and relax by the Caribbean coasts and watch the sun sink in the Pacific Ocean. With plenty of backpackers coming down South of Mexico or North of Costa Rica, it was no doubt that Nicaragua would be a hidden paradise for many.

That was just six months ago. It all changed three months later when the government approved the reform of its pension system and reduced benefits by five percent. This proposal kick started a pro-democracy protest that later affected the country’s economy and tourism.


Image credit: Voice of America


What started off as a peaceful demonstration, quickly escalated to a bloody war between two opposing sides. Many has since then been injured and died under the brutal proposition of the government.

The strike mostly being in major cities, the surrounding tourist destinations are quickly affected as well. With authorities executing protesters and gangs patrolling the streets at night, this paradise has soon been turned into a ghost town. With locals being forced to stay in their homes for long periods of time. This questions the safety of both locals and tourists.

Tourist destinations and hotels have since closed its doors in the recent months, posting emotional social media posts about their temporary closure during the current events. Some of which vow to reopen once the commotion has died down and would continuously support Nicaragua no matter the outcome.

Despite the outroar among the cities of Nicaragua, locals are still hopeful that the strike would end soon and no lives will be further taken.

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