Of Mountains and Adventures: The Grampians

The beautiful Grampians National Park is located in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. Thanks to the geology of the area, this 168,000-hectare national park features rugged mountain ranges with stunning panoramic vistas.

From relaxing strolls to strenuous treks that bring you to magnificent waterfalls, breathtaking lookout points to getting up close with the rock formations, the Grampians fits the bill for your next outdoor adventure.


The Grampians are made up of a series of five stunning sandstone ridges that run from north to south, with the gentler slopes on the western side and the steeper ones to the east. With the Earth’s gradual lifting and tilting of the sandstones, it has resulted in the creation of this impressive landscape of peaks and valleys. Take in breathtaking views of the Grampians by embarking on treks to the various lookout points.


Grampians Peak Trail
Image credit: Diliff

One of Walk Victoria’s Icons long distance trails, the first segment of the Grampians Peak trail is now complete. It takes you through a 36km trek in its 3 day 2 night circuit that departs from Halls Gap. Wander through the ancient rock features of the Grand Canyon, meander through the narrow silent street and reward yourselves with mesmerizing views of the region right at the top of the Pinnacle Lookout. You’d be able to spend both nights at different campsites, Camp Bugiga and Borough Huts Campground.

Experience the great outdoors as you navigate yourselves through the mountain ranges by following the well marked out signs along the trail.


Mackenzie Falls

Image credit: Alpha

Mackenzie Falls is one of Grampians’ icons. Follow the trail to the base of the falls and witness large masses of water cascade over the cliffs into a deep pool. The waterfalls flow throughout the year, making it available for you regardless of which season you visit.


Outdoor Activities
Being high up in the mountains and close to nature, there’s no lack of outdoor activities in the Grampians. Don’t worry about packing your own gear as you could easily hire some from Absolute Outdoors at Halls Gap during your trip.


Mountain Biking

If you’re living in a city, you don’t always get easy access to the mountains. This is one activity that should not be missed out on during your trip to the Grampians. Bike through the mountainous terrain and if you’re lucky, you might find yourselves spotting some wildlife from kangaroos to emus and even stags.


Rock Climbing/ Bouldering

Image credit: Paul Coster

The Grampians is also well known for many of its rock climbing sites, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, there are lots of options for everyone. While conquering the rocks, find yourselves admiring the beautiful scenery the region has to offer.



Apart from the land activities, there are also options for you to canoe or kayak down at Lake Bellfield. Paddle through the calm waters of the lake while keeping a lookout on the nearby banks for wild emus roaming around to welcome you.


Getting There
The Grampians is approximately a three-hour drive away from Melbourne. If you’re planning for a road trip around Melbourne and surrounds, mark down the Grampians for your next big outdoor adventure.

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