Mother Nature’s Light Spectacle: The Northern Lights

There are several spectacular light shows around the world, but nothing will ever beat Mother Nature’s incredible display of the Northern Lights. One of the best places to catch this spectacle is in the North Magnetic Pole.

The northern lights could be spotted from late October till the end of March, of course in order to see this you would need clear dark skies and lady luck on your side. Since the Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon, getting to see the northern lights would sometimes depend on chance. There are ways for you to increase your chances but how far are you willing to go in search of this natural light show?

One option is to rid of all sunlight and venture off to a place where the sun doesn’t rise. Bathing in complete darkness, Off the Map Travel has released a 24-hour northern lights itinerary called the ‘All Day Aurora’. The trip will take visitors to Svalbard between November to late January, when the sun doesn’t completely shine above the horizon.

With the Aurora Borealis, this unpredictable phenomenon can frustrate even the most patient northern lights hunters. There would be times where the conditions for the light spectacle would be perfect but it would still not show or the skies may not be as clear but the lights would appear, dazzling the visitors unexpectedly.

Despite how romantic it sounds, being in complete darkness for more than 24 hours could make one feel uncomfortable where the almost-tangible feeling of vitamin D leaving your system can make you feel oppressed or claustrophobic even. Take note that the only ray you would have is the blue half light that peeks through the snowscape, which would only last a good few hours.

There are a number of places you could travel to to catch the northern lights. The most well known places would be Svalbard Norway, Kakslauttanen Finland, Jukkasjarvi Sweden and Reykjavik Iceland. No matter where you go to watch the light spectacle, it would still withhold the same criteria — clear, dark skies and a bit of luck.

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