Fit for a King: Maharajas Express

The “Land of Kings” is home to some of the worlds most scenic places such as the Taj Mahal, marble monuments and other ancient forts and palaces that redefines the word ‘grand’. But these grand palaces are not the only places that would make you feel regal.

Deemed as the most luxurious train in India, Maharajas Express is a hotel-on-wheels that lets you travel to the countryside as part of its eight-day “Heritage of India” route. Making stops at key destinations such as Jodhpur, Jaipur and Ranthambore National Park.

The Maharajas Express is perfect for those who are touring India because of its many wonderful stops. there’s  a different location for you to discover each day, and when you’re on your way to the next, instead of seeing just the blue skies and clouds, you get to actually be a part of your ride. You’re not driving nor are you flying, you are just there being still while you move forward with the other passengers.

The hotel-on-wheels treats their guests like royalty. Instead of rooming with others in crowded quarters, guests are given their own private space that are decorated with opulent interiors. Exemplifying Indian aesthetics, the rooms are furnished with gold-hued drapes and linen while some feature peacock motifs and rich fabrics. The rooms are also accommodated with modern amenities such as LED TVs and bathrooms.

Image credit: Simon Pielow


Maharajas Express would not be complete without hotel amenities. With two dining carriages, two bars and a lounge—the Maharajas Express truly serves luxury on wheel. Naturally, this regal train ride delivers world-class cuisine. With John Stone as Executive Chef, guests are treated to a wide array of local and international dishes.


Image credit: Simon Pielow


The Maharajas Express has seven train routes that takes you to somewhere different. For example, the ‘Heritage of India’ route runs from Mumbai to Rajasthan to Delhi. The itinerary includes a day in Jaipur’s ‘Pink City’, the Thar desert and other smaller villages where travellers can experience a camel safari and traditional folk dances.

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