Learn How to Survive in the Arctic Wilderness

It’s no secret that the Arctic regions on our earth offer unique and breathtaking panoramic vistas, but it’s also apparent that they pose very real challenges to survival. It’s vital that you possess some wilderness skills if you’re planning to go on an adventure to the North, and now you’d have an opportunity to develop these skills hands-on.

A brand new tour organised by Off The Map Travel will take you to the Lulea Archipelago in Sweden. During your time there, you’ll be learning survival skills while exploring the Arctic wilderness, getting a taste of life in Swedish Lapland. Plus, travellers will also get the opportunity to experience the phenomenal Northern Lights.

Travellers will be staying in the Brändön Lodge that is build with logs and located on the coast surrounded by trees. A local guide will be there to impart some wilderness skills that have been passed down along the generations. From building a fire and setting up camp to following animal tracks and foraging for food, travellers will be handling these tasks all by themselves. Learn how to prepare a tradition Arctic cuisine with the ingredients gathered, which will mostly include berries (a staple of Arctic cuisine) and fish that they will be catching during the planned excursions included in the tour.

When it comes to the Northern Lights, all you need to do is to take a walk out of the Lodge and you’d be able to feast your eyes on the amazing spectacle.

If you’re really excited about the tour, you’ll be glad to know that it is starting this fall and will be running till November 2018. The package includes scenic boat tours and sea safaris located around the coast of the Archipelago. Keep your eyes peeled for seals as you’ll be visiting some of the spots where they love to bathe.

For more information, check out the tour package on Off The Map Travel.

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