How Travel Improves Your Health


1. Travel Decreases Stress


Traveling decreases stress by a lot. It has been proven that when travelling, due to you relaxing and chilling out, you will be happier and in-turn decrease your depression. A study discovered that you will be in a better mood, feel well-rested and less anxious 3 days after a vacation. These results lasted weeks after the vacation. An Expedia survey in 2012 found that 89 percent of people who went on vacation could only relax and let go of stress after one or two days into their trip.  


2. Boosts Immune System


In your body, antibodies are proteins that help protect your immune system from pathogens. When you are exposed to new environments, such as a little dirt or an illness, your body learns from it and helps you fight against it. Travelling allows your body to adapt to new bacteria, which will improve your immune system.   


3.Increase Heart Health


Travel increases heart health in multiple ways, one of them being from reduced stress. The other is the physical exertion from travelling, whether it’s running to catch a flight from the airport or walking on the beach, these are physical activities that you may do on a daily basis.


4. Improves Mental Health


Keeping your mind sharp and healthy are mental benefits that you have when travelling. The risk of degenerative diseases in the brain is potentially delayed when you travel, because your brain is constantly challenged when experiencing new environments for the first time as well as having to memorise information you’re not used to. With will in-turn help with both memory and concentration. Travelling has also been linked to mental creativity, providing a wider reach of information and knowledge. According to the Journal of Personality and Social people who travel more often are usually more open and emotionally stable.  


5.Provides new opportunities to be fit
When travelling abroad, there will be new opportunities to partake in a sport or outdoor activity that will boost your fitness. Whether you hike up a mountain, or pick up a sport that you might enjoy to do frequently, there will always be opportunities to increase your fitness.


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