Help to Preserve Siberian Tigers on Your Next Adventure

Siberian tigers are in the top ranks of the world’s most endangered species and the natural habitat which they roam in the wild has also shrunk significantly. In order to preserve the species, it is vital that we track and observe their movements.

An initiative by Natural World Safaris (a company based in England) allows adventurous tourists to participate in tracking and observing the movements of the Siberian tigers in the cold taiga of Eastern Siberia in Russia.

As documented by a 2015 census, the population of Siberian tigers stands at approximately 560 individuals and Siberia remains to be their last well-preserved natural habitat. Participants of the safari would be residing in a wood cabin in the Durminskoye Reserve which is instituted by conservationist Alexander Batalow. He would be leading participants to set camera traps daily and also collecting and examining the footage captured.

Though there isn’t much possibility for travellers to come into contact with the Siberian tigers, you would still be able to get a feel of the tigers’ natural habitat and play a part in preserving the species by tracking their movements and numbers. You would be able to meet other species at the Durminskoye Reserve which is also home to animals such as the snowy owls and red deers.

Part of Natural World Safaris’ “Frontier” series which aims to pioneer travel for adventurous souls, travellers can also sign up for other safari tours in other parts of the world. Other destinations on the list include Chad and its resident lions and crocodiles, Djibouti’s whale sharks, Canada’s ice grizzlies in Yukon and the blue whales in Sri Lanka.

For more information, visit the official website of Frontier safaris.

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