Get Closer to Nature by Staying in This Treehouse

Image credit: Airbnb

Located in the Big Island, Hawaii, this tropical treehouse takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and lets you escape to the Fern Forest. The ‘Dreamy Tropical Treehouse’ listed on Airbnb has been saved more that 66,000 times to people’s wish lists.

Nestled deep within the Fern Forest, this dreamy tropical treehouse sits 15-feet above the ground, giving its guests both the best views of the forest and the ultimate privacy. It only has one bedroom, making it the perfect getaway house for single and/or couple adventurers. You also don’t have to worry about going hungry in the middle of the jungle, the treehouse is stocked with delectable local coffee and snacks.

The treehouse is also designed with floor-to-ceiling windows and massive doors, allowing natural sunlight to flood in during the day time. The entire house is also eco-friendly and is filled with sustainable items that will make you feel good about your eco-footprint. The built of the treehouse will truly make you feel closer to the nature that surrounds you.

The shower uses naturally caught rainwater which is subsequently reused by transferring it to fill the toilet bowl. There is also a handmade rock sink that makes use of gray-water, which is also being reused to fill the toilet. Although none of the water that comes off the tap is portable for drinking, there’s no need to worry as the hosts will provide you with sufficient drinking water.

Image credit: Airbnb

The treehouse adds on to the list of the best off-the-grid experience for the adventurous, or simply for those who wants to be closer to nature. The treehouse also runs on solar power, making good use of the ample amount of sunlight that hits the forest. In the event that the battery runs out, that would mean that the lights or anything else running on electricity would be going out as well. On the bright side, what’s more romantic than a night in the jungle under the bright Hawaiian stars?

Apart from the eco-friendly fixes of the house, the price is also a bonus! You can stay a night in the treehouse for only S$414, which is way cheaper than a luxury room in a hotel or resort in the island of Hawaii.

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