A Hawaiian Island Had Just Been Wiped Off the Map

Satellite images that were released last week showed that East Island, a remote 11-acre stretch of sand that was officially part of the French Frigate Shoals in Hawaii has now disappeared. According to Science Alert, the island was wiped off the map following the storm surge that came along with…

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Melting Pot – Sarawak’s Tribes & Cultures

Known as ‘The Land of the Hornbills’, Sarawak is Malaysia’s largest state. Heavily swathed in lush tropical rainforest, it is home to some of the world’s most diversve ecosystems, encompassing everything from coastal swamps to ancient cave systems. Coupled with a rich and thriving tribal culture, Sarawak offers plenty of…

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Brewed with History – Nagano’s Sake Culture

The landlocked prefecture of Nagano is set amidst some breathtaking mountain ranges. These mighty ridges are so imposing, both physically and culturally, that they tend to overshadow another one of Nagano’s important features: abundant, high-quality water. Water flows through all parts of the prefecture, whether in the form of natural…

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Cultural Compilation – Lisbon to Evora

While long popular with European travellers, among Asians, Portugal is often one of the continent’s least known destinations. The country boasts pristine sandy beaches, a rugged coastline and architecturally significant cities, all combined with great food, wine, a rich history and traditional culture that includes everything from Roman ruins to…

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The Slithering Ground – Manitoba’s Spring Snakes

Most people would be surprised to know that the world’s largest congregation of snakes occurs on the edge of the Canadian Prairies in Manitoba, very close to the city of Winnipeg. In fact, there are so many snakes that emerge from their dens every spring that wherever the second place…

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Of Coconuts and Crabs – Christmas Island & Cocos Keeling Island

Christmas and Cocos are like two distant cousins, sharing a similar origin and history, but growing up into very different characters with very different physical appearance. Both are volcanic in origin, but whereas Christmas Island sits atop an extinct volcano, Cocos are two sand atolls and 27 coral islands arranged…

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Eco Tasmania – Green Tours in Tasmania

In the 1980s, when much of the world was consumed by a fascination with shoulder pads and Duran Duran, Tasmanians came up with Australia’s first ever Green Party. In 1982, some of its foundation members helped successfully lobby for Tasmania’s wilderness to be World Heritage-listed. The Tasmanian WHA includes four…

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Sun, Sea and History – Islands of the Med

As a region, the Mediterranean has played a vastly important role in world history. Having seen the rise (and fall) of everyone from the early Greeks and Romans, to the Crusaders, Ottomans and Venetians, it’s no coincidence that many of its most tranquil tourism destinations today actually have long, storied…

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Tribes, Temples and Truce – Thailand’s Kanchanaburi Province

From the urban sprawl of Bangkok, to white sandy beaches and clear blue seas in the south, many of Thailand’s major destinations like Krabi, Phuket and Samui, will already be extremely familiar to regional travellers. Then there’s Kanchanaburi, a province that is well worth a visit for its rich culture,…

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