Exploring Korean Islands At a Discounted Rate

If you’re heading off to Korea for your next vacation, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries has announced a discounted travelling rate to the nation’s islands for Koreans and foreigners aged 28 and under.

In order to further encourage youths to take up more sea trips, the ministry is opening up 77 ocean routes encompassing 51 relevant firms’ 121 ships. These trips will be offered at a 20% discount rate during weekends and 50% discount rate during weekdays from now till September.

For example, the original ferry from Gangneung to Ulleungdo Island on a weekday that had cost 122,000 won (S$152.20) for a round trip per person would only cost 65,900 won (S$82.20) under this scheme. Travellers are required to first purchase the discount coupon at 4,900 won and subsequently purchase the ferry ticket at half price (61,000 won).

The same discount coupon is also made available by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries during the winter months of December to February. Travellers are also able to purchase both the summer and winter discount coupon together at a rate of 9,900 won or an all-year-round discount coupon at 19,900 won.

Should you need more information on the discount coupons and ferries to and fro islands, they can be found here. Alternatively, phone inquiries could be directed to 02-6096-2266.

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