Conquer the Mountains of the UAE

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Think of the United Arab Emirates and it’s not surprising that that first thing that comes to our mind is its massive supply of oil. Apart from that, the UAE offers state-of-the-art installations and modern malls as well as magnificent desert dunes.

In the near future, we would be adding on another item to the list of things we know the UAE for ‒ a mountainous getaway. The mountainous getaway in the UAE has plans to be a youth-focused eco-tourist destination, completing the package with glamping as well as a massive sign similar to the Hollywood one we’re all familiar with.


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The development company Meraas has issued a statement with regards to its plan to turn the already well received outdoor area of Hatta into an eco-tourism destination. The region of Hatta is located in the Hajar Mountains and is an enclave of the Emirate of Dubai. At the moment, Hatta is already popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts as it is renowned for its mountains, lakes and wadis that attract travellers with the love of mountain biking, hiking and kayaking. As it is just a 90-minute drive from Dubai, the area is all set for a tourism boost with its convenient accessibility.

Over the next 10 years, there will be several projects in place to bring in more visitors to the region. Apart from the outdoor activities, Meraas intends to draw visitors to the historical, social and cultural sites. The company would be setting up an adventure centre and interactive tourism information hub to aid travellers in meeting their tour guides as well as learning about the people of Hatta.

Meraas also intends to open mountain lodges that offer incredible views of the mountains and a trailer hotel for guests to go glamping in the mountain range. In bid to preserve the privacy and lifestyle of the people of Hatta, developments would be kept away from the local residential areas.

Calling out to all outdoor enthusiasts, stay tuned to the developments of Hatta and set off to explore the region once the projects are completed.

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