Catch Sunsets and Eat Noodles on this Lesser Known Island

Lined with groups of people and selfie sticks, people ran towards the the water’s edge, trying to get a piece of the sunset for themselves. Various silhouettes became part of the orange and pink hues of the sky as they were all trying to get the perfect shot for their social media post.

This famed place is located on the north coast of Shikoku, the smallest and most rural of Japan’s four main islands, Chichibuga is a flat sandy 1km-long beach that overlooks the Seto sea. Sitting between the bigger islands of Honshu and Kyushu, Shikoku is usually overlooked by many tourists.

Many visitors of the island are drawn by its spiritual heritage, inland gorges, rivers and waterfalls, not to mention its Pacific coastline. The island is easily accessible from Honshu, though the capital port city of Shikoku, Takamatsu, is about an hour and 20 minutes’ drive from Okayama city.

The visitors of the island and the now famous Chichibuga beach was once a very under the radar attraction to not just tourists, but even locals. Not until in recent years. Back in 2016, the Mitoyo tourism authority conducted a photography contests and concluded to a winning image of silhouettes of two children and they’re reflections on the still waters of the ocean with the sun setting in the background.

After the iconic photo circulated online, Shikoku and Chichibuga beach started to get noticed by many and started to get more and more visitors.

Kagawa is also known for their noodles. Shikoku is home to a ‘noodle hotel’ called Udon House, a cookery school with pod rooms, opened by Japanese entrepreneur Hima Furuta. Guests who wish to stay in the hotel for at least two days will be able to take udon making classes, visit a farm and join in on breakfast tours of local udon restaurants.

The Udon House is also a short drive from Chichibuga beach, so not only will you be able to eat amazing noodle but also catch the local highlight.

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