Live in a Cave deep within the Arkansas Ozarks

Image credit: Patrick Lawe

Have you ever watched Batman or read any of the comics and thought about how it would be like to live in the Bat cave? Well the Beckham Creek Cave House is the closest you can get to living in a luxurious bat cave.

However, this cave house is not equipped with any bat designs nor does it come with a bat-mobile. The Beckham Creek Cave House is located in the Arkansas Ozarks and has been welcoming visitors to stay in the unique architectural marvel that dwells inside a natural cavern.

The home encompasses about 260 acres of land which includes a barn along with an apartment above the horse-stables and a helicopter landing pad—because, why not? Apart from the luxurious amenities, the cave house also includes a spring-fed lake and is nestled deep within the mountainous regions of Arkansas. Bringing you closer to nature and farther from the bustling city.

The recently remodelled home sits at about 6,000 square feet of living space and is designed with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The house has its very own geothermal heating system and an indoor waterfall which is sourced from a spring originating from deep within the heart of the cave itself.

Despite the house looking more like a rustic stone house, it still maintains some of its cave features. The ceilings and some of the walls maintain its rocky and jagged textures while some of the walls have been flattened for decorative purposes.

Guests are welcome to stay at this incredible escape starting at $1,200 a night during low season and $1,600 a night in high season. But if you want to purchase the cave house,l you are in luck because it is up for sale for $2.75 million.

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