Sailing Along Iconic Rivers Around the World

River cruises are one of the most popular honeymoon options, wedding destination and/or anniversary activity be it sailing across iconic rivers such as Danube and Moselle in Europe or being on board a Paddle-wheel cruise in New Orleans. Both options provide stunningly beautiful views, culinary experiences and striking cities that fits the bill for any romantic getaway, but there are some lesser-known gems that offers the same romance that should not be overlooked.

A slightly off-the-beaten-path option lies in the south of France, in the Bordeaux region and Portugal’s Douro River. The river cruise offers beautiful sceneries from the lovely lavender fields to the famous chateaux of Bordeaux and the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Douro Valley.

The cruise destinations also bring you to well-known wine regions, and you can expect an unforgettable wine journey with your partner. Pair this amazing wines with mouth-watering cuisines and you get an equally exceptional dining experience. All three sailings make the perfect backdrop to celebrate a couple’s love with spectacular views and experiences.

Image credit: Adam Jones

Going beyond Europe to the regions of Southeast Asia, the Mekong river is one of the world’s most exotic rivers that gives off a different feel of romance. A river cruise along the Mekong river is a unique experience of colourful cultural encounters and delectable local cuisines. The cruise stops by quiet and remote stretches of the river, giving couples the time and solitude that is well needed to relax and reflect.

Image credit: Basile Morin

Though these river cruises all offer stunning romantic getaways with amazing scenic sights and excellent cuisines, it doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you’re with your partner.

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