The Light Spectacle That Takes Over the Notre Dame

Just when you thought the Notre-Dame Basilica couldn’t get any more majestic, wait till you see their ‘Aura’ light show inside the Basilica itself.

The light show that takes place in the Basilica is a modern day tapestry, sharing the Good News to an audience through the spectacle of lights and music in the historical architecture and art in place of the written word. There’s no need to worry as you need not be a faithful to be able to enjoy and appreciate the show.

During the first part of the show, patrons are free to walk around the aisle and altar of the 19th century church while soft music plays in the background, which adds a whimsical feel to the already awe-inspiring architecture. The basilica is darkened to give effect and to divert one’s attention to the artworks and intricate carvings that are illuminated by shots of light.

Image credit: ShajiA

For the second half of the show, the guests are asked to be seated in the benches in the nave of the church and are yet again advised to refrain from taking any photos or videos. The aisles further darken and the focus is centred to the majestic altarpiece. The ceiling of the basilica which is a usual shade of blue that imitates the starry sky has disappeared and is replaced by a series of seasons and changin weather that are of biblical proportions.

Image credit: Avramescu Marius

The combination of darkness, loud orchestral music and alluring lights is bound to captivate everyone in the room, so captivating that you would forget that you have any form of tech with you to take photos or videos with. One will be glued to their seats, silent, as the powerful effects of the show leaves you in awe.

The already grandiose architecture of the Notre Dame is already a spectacle itself, but with the added effects of the unique play of lights and sound, it truly is a sensory treat for both adults and children.

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