Cultural Compilation – Lisbon to Evora

While long popular with European travellers, among Asians, Portugal is often one of the continent’s least known destinations. The country…

The Slithering Ground – Manitoba’s Spring Snakes

Most people would be surprised to know that the world’s largest congregation of snakes occurs on the edge of the…

Of Coconuts and Crabs – Christmas Island & Cocos Keeling Island

Christmas and Cocos are like two distant cousins, sharing a similar origin and history, but growing up into very different…

Eco Tasmania – Green Tours in Tasmania

In the 1980s, when much of the world was consumed by a fascination with shoulder pads and Duran Duran, Tasmanians…


Alpha - LENYO

Convertible? Café? Lake? The Lenyo makes a great impression everywhere and relies on tried and tested...

Arcteryx – Norvan VT Shoe

A high-performance trail running shoe with enhanced climbing and scrambling capabilities, the Norvan VT...


  • Travel Warning To France
    The state of emergency in France has now been extended to July 15th 2017. Under the ...
  • US Tourism – The Trump Slump
    Donald Trump’s travel ban on 6 Muslim majority countries has already negatively ...
  • Budget Airline Alliance
    With the growing number of airline alliances around the world, it’s only natural that ...
  • Hotel Glut
    Phnom Penh’s Luxury Hotels In a bid to increase high-end tourism, a swathe of luxury ...

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6 June

Samsung 60th FOS - Shooting Competition                                         Shooting

10 June

The Green Road Race 2017                                                                          Run

10 June

60th Samsung FOS - Hong Kong Track Cycling Race                      Cycling

11 June

Protrek X Bottless City Trail Race                                                               Trail Run

18 June

Samsung Festival of Sport - HK MTB Race                                            Mountain Bike


  •   1. Travel Decreases Stress   Traveling decreases stress by a lot. It has been proven that when travelling, due to you relaxing and chilling out, you will be happier and in-turn decrease your depression. A study discovered that you will be in a better mood, feel well-rested and less anxious 3 days after a vacation. These results lasted weeks after the vacation. An Expedia survey in ...


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